Collection: Totes

Immerse yourself in the captivating charm of our latest collection, where the magic of nature meets the artistry of tradition. Each piece in this ensemble draws inspiration from the enchanting world around us, from the romantic dance of seahorses to the whimsical sight of roller-skating flamingos and the vibrant chatter of wild parrots. Our meticulously hand-blocked totes, crafted from 100% cotton, are not just carriers but storytellers, woven with love and care by our skilled artisans in India.

Designed with a deep appreciation for nature and the ocean, these totes embody the spirit of Palm Beach, Florida, where ideas blossom amidst the beauty of coastal and island living. The collection features lightweight totes perfect for everyday errands, beach escapades, or as a stylish companion for your travels, each adorned with unique designs that celebrate the beauty of life under the sun.

Whether it’s the serene bonding of seahorses, the energy of surf and sand, or the allure of tropical flora and fauna, our collection is a tribute to the wonders of the natural world and the joy of living. With practical features like attached zippered pouches for essentials, our totes are not just beautiful but designed for convenience and versatility.

Join us in a journey of discovery and elegance with a collection that’s as boundless as your adventures. For those who carry a piece of the ocean in their hearts and a whisper of the wild in their steps, this collection is for you. Let every tote be a canvas of your stories, a companion in your journeys, and a token of our shared love for the planet’s mesmerizing beauty. Welcome to a world where fashion meets nature, hand in hand, tote by tote.