Steeped in the balmy breezes and sun-kissed shores of Palm Beach, Florida, The Barefoot Monkey isn't just a brand—it's a portal to a life well-traveled and a tribute to the hands that craft our dreams into tangible delights. Our journey begins with the lure of discovery, the roads that take us to the heart of India, where artisans weave, stitch, and color our fabric stories. Our collections are more than mere products; they are vignettes of a life lived with zest, a canvas where every thread tells a story of adventure, craftsmanship, and the familial bonds that tie us to every corner of the globe. From the drawing board to the loom, every piece is a labor of love—a connection fostered at the jeweler's bench, nurtured on the tennis courts, and celebrated in the laughter of family gatherings. Join us on this voyage of creativity and camaraderie, where each product is an invitation to experience the joy we feel in creation. The Barefoot Monkey is not just an offering; it's an embrace of the global family we cherish, the paths we tread, and the lives we touch. Welcome to our story. Welcome to The Barefoot Monkey, where every stitch is a part of our home, brought lovingly to yours.